Coaching, Consulting, and Training Services



Coaching is invaluable for everyone. Coaching helps magnify performance, retain staff and increase staff morale.  We can offer coaching for board chairs, executive directors and other key team members.  Learn more. Or contact.

Coaching for a career shift into nonprofits.



Fundraising is the lifeline for nonprofits. It involves strategy, planning, execution and evaluation. It also involves making sure your entire organization is aligned with the tactics and strategy in fund development. Fundraising is a broad topic, which includes grant-writing, events (from house parties to galas), major donor solicitations, membership and sustaining donors, prospecting, mail and digital strategy. Contact us for help.

Free webinar on Facebook Fundraising


Advocacy & policy/Political Advice

Want to take your work to the next level? Want to shape policy? Want to elect your friends and defeat your enemies? How about just build grassroots power? We can help!


LGBTQ Diversity Training

While living in Michigan, Sean Kosofsky was the state’s leading LGBTQ diversity trainer and is an expert on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender policy, politics, and cultural competence. Does your organization or company  wish to improve cultural awareness on LGBTQ issues?  Get dynamic & interactive LGBTQ diversity training for all professions including educators, social workers, business professionals, law enforcement and more. 

Get LGBTQ training for your workplace


CEO & Staff SearcH (and Interim ED Services)

Conducting a search to hire/replace a staff member is a huge distraction. Hire us. We have plenty of experience hiring staff in every role.

Facing an  executive director transition? Is your organization planning to have a gap of more than 60 days without an executive director? We can help with the pre-transition prep work, the actual CEO search, and the post-search on-boarding services.  This includes Interim executive director support. We can make the entire process seamless and cost-effective. 

Need an Interim Executive Director

Need help with an Executive Director search/transition?


MTG Consulting works on many aspects of nonprofit performance. We can customize a broad and flexible consulting package for you or your organization.

Hire us to evaluate your website/donation page.

Board Development

The single biggest challenge in nonprofits is board performance...then fundraising. Nonprofit organizations perform much better if their boards are strong, trained, and accountable. Boards own the organization, so let's define their roles, train them where needed, and ensure everyone has an effective orientation. 

Hire us to transform your board performance.

Hire us to help your Executive Director and board chair partner more effectively.


Media and Crisis Communications

Are you really prepared and comfortable to handle media interviews? How about if your organization experiences a crisis? Talking to the media is different than addressing an audience at a workshop. Media skills can unlock a superior strategy for positioning your organization for more money and a better brand/reputation. Learn how to be “sound-byte ready” with our media training and crisis communications planning. Fine tune your messages with succinct talking points, sample letters, and columns. 

Crisis communications planning

Media Training


Best Practices "Startup/Tuneup"

How are you or your nonprofit performing compared to your peers? We can help you adapt your programs, fundraising, board practice or other functions so they are more closely aligned with what is considered "best practices."

Help us tune up our nonprofit!


Philanthropy Advising

Are you a philanthropist looking for help on how to have a meaningful impact with your grant making? We can help inform your process and strategy with insights from grantees and other stakeholders. Get help


Program Development

Programs are the heart and soul of organizational impact. Should you do more, or do better with the programs you have? How do you measure impact and tell your organizational stories of success? We can help you develop programs that are attractive to funders and practical, given your current capacity. Get help