Fundraising Power Pack

Fundraising Power Pack


There are tons of books on fundraising but few if any are like this one. The Fundraising Power Pack is not a traditional book. We cut right to the chase and give you a shortcut to raising money. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this book has no training wheels. It assumes you have the passion and the sophistication to get right to work. The book is literally 27 tools, templates, worksheets, infographics, sample policies and more that you can tear out and immediately start using in your organization. No long narrative to read. No Fluff. No personal stories. Just 27 resources you can use now. It's different than most tools on the market because I wanted to make something different. I have been fundraising for almost 30 years (charities, candidates, campaigns, community organizations, and more). My focus is on small nonprofits from startups to $5M budget. I know the struggles of small nonprofits. This tool is built for ease and with you in mind.

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“This isn’t your usual white paper, research study or densely-packed roadmap for fundraising growth. Fundraisers of all types will relish this highly practical and hands-on “Fundraising Power Pack” of tools, checklists and worksheets which is sure to delight those who want to dive into the deep end of the pool and make progress from day one. Sean covers so many topics in this e-book and there really is something for everyone: case statements, storytelling, board fundraising, events, Facebook, digital, galas and much more. I can’t recommend this e-book enough and know that it is money well spent in the constant pursuit of fundraising impact and efficiency.”

Michael Stein, Board Member, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Golden Gate Chapter

"This is the resource and guidance I needed as a board member and “doer.” Thank you Sean and MTG! I understand there are many components to successful fundraising, that’s one of the daunting things about it. This book and compilation of resources and worksheets, with Sean’s straight-forward and no bullshit approach, give me the attitude and tools to raise money and make a difference. Now the ball is in my court, no more excuses. We have a big hill to climb … and I’ll have this book in my pack."

-- Corbin, Nonprofit Board Member

"It’s amazing how much time is saved and the focus that is created from directly communicated wisdom and expertise. My goal is to provide the best and highest value for my clients so they can serve their beneficiaries into the future. It seems rare that an expert like Sean candidly shares his personal approach and tips so my ability to quickly achieve results is real. The worksheets and tools provided give me the confidence to take action now. Some of my favorites are the Is/Is Not chart, the 13 Essential Ingredients list, the Ladder of Engagement, and the Anatomy of an Ask tool. Thank you, Sean! You ARE a swell guy!"

-- Fletcher, Nonprofit Consultant & Advisor

“Fundraising is based on making sure you understand the big picture and then get some small details right. It is also based on not being afraid to make an “ask”. Sean Kosofsky’s book is a great refresher on tools to raise money.  I would recommend it to all non-profits.”

-Anthony – Elected Official, Canada

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Me at home with a proof of my book