Free Fundraising Pyramid

Free Fundraising Pyramid

Any person who raises money can benefit from good planning.

Good development plans are strategic and focused. One of the best parts of development planning is knowing exactly what folks need to do, by when. I have always been a fan of graphics and images to help me visualize my work and to make it easier for my board and staff to fundraise.

One powerful tool for fundraising is the Fundraising Pyramid. A fundraising pyramid helps you see how you reach your fundraising goals. By laying out how many donors are needed at each giving level it makes it far more manageable and less overwhelming.

Once you break down that you need 100 donors at one level and 50 donors at a slightly higher level and then 10 donors at your highest level, it is easier to ask your board and staff to identify the people to close those gaps.

Click here for the tool.

Let me know how you use it!

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