Never Take "NO" for a (first) Answer in Fundraising

What I mean by this, is that things may not appear as they seem. Let's say you are prospecting a foundation you have never heard of before and the funding guidelines on the website clearly state the three things they fund your issue or project is not one of those. So do you close the tab and never think of that foundation again? Or you get creative?

Successful fundraisers are opportunistic. They don't see traditional barriers as a dead end. They see them as mountains to climb.Examples of why the guidelines on a funder's website may not be your best indicator of whether they will fund you:

  1. The funder/officer may have a personal connection to your issue and decide the time is ripe to invite a proposal from you.

  2. The funder/officer may have a personal connection to your town someone on your board.

  3. The funder/officer may be highly flexible in the guidelines.

  4. The guidelines may be old and out of date

  5. The funder may be in a collaborative that does fund the work you are doing.

  6. The funder may have a discretionary pot of money

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There are many more reasons to take a closer look at foundations. They have great flexibility...because they are made up of people who care and want to help.

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